Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you Teach Adult Swimming Lessons?
A: There are Ladies only & Men only Swimming Lessons available. We also offer individual lessons. 

Q: What age do children start at Water Wings?
A: We take children from 31/2 years of age through to teenage years. 

Q: What should I do when I arrive for the first time?
A: Head straight for the changing rooms, children change into swim wear, please remove your outdoor footwear and proceed onto the poolside.  The Poolside Assistant will be waiting on the poolside to guide you through the starting process. (If a Sunday please take a seat & the Instructor will see you at the appointed lesson time)

Q: I need to change my child’s lesson to another day, is this possible?
A: There is a demand for certain session times.  We will do our best to find you a more suitable time/day, but if you require a specific day or time, you may have to wait before a place becomes available.

Q: My child has been ill recently, should I still bring them to lessons?
A: Children should be fit and healthy on the day of their lesson.  If your child has been suffering from sickness or diarrhoea then they should not enter the water.  Diarrhoea in swimming pools is extremely serious and will result in a temporary closure.  If we think your child is unwell, they will be removed from the pool.

Q: Do I need to tell you if I can’t make a lesson?
A: Yes please, text or email Kath.  Missed lessons cannot be refunded. 

 Don’t forget to send your fees if you are away at the end of the term to guarantee your place.

Q: When will my child get their next badge?
A: Badges are awarded to swimmers when they are able to repeatedly do the skills required for that badge.  There is no defined time scale for when this will be, as we all know, all children learn and develop new skills at different speeds.

Q: My child can’t attend next term, but can you save the place?
A: Due to the large numbers we have on our waiting list, places cannot be held for any length of time unless paid for.  If you know you cannot attend for a term, please contact Kath, tell her when you wish to return and we will do everything we can to find a suitable vacancy.

Q: Do you teach in school holidays?
A: We close during all the School holidays (see termtable) apart from Summer. We open the first 2 weeks in August which is an optional extra offering small group and private individual lessons for those who do not want a 6 week break.

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